Audacious parasailing experience…!

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Some people are very fond of adventure sports. whilesome people can only wish to do such sports.skydiving scuba diving hiking mountain biking parasailing para gliding are some adventurous sports.  Very few people get chances to do these sports. So whenever you get the chance to do something adventurous then you should go for it because we only live once

 Well I too got a chance to do parasailing. It was really an unimaginable experience for me. I really like to live an adventurous life. So when I got the chance to do parasailing I quickly agreed and did that. It was amazing. I went to Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) with my family in holidays. So,when i visited the local places there i saw a poster of adventure sports. One picture was of parasailing. So, I said I want to do that and my mom also agreed. So, on 31st December 2017 we were going to celebrate New Years at Sam dessert and on our way a lot of adventure sports were happening. I saw some parachute and I saw the parasailing activity. I said to my father that I want to do that so we stopped in a big ground where this activities(parasailing) is happening. So i decided that I will do it.

I was waiting for my turn when I saw a 11 to 12 year old boy going for Parasailing, he was not scared at all. I was like this boy is so Brave don’t know what’s gonna happen with me. So my turn came and they tied me tightly with all safety gears and gave me a helmet. Then their Jeep came. They tied the Rope which was attached to the Jeep with me and they said that I have to take 2-3 steps. So, the Jeep started and I took 2-3 steps and suddenly the air lifted me and I was in the air. It was amazing. I never felt so refreshed and amazing. I saw everywhere around me and the most unimaginable part was that I didn’t scream. I was not afraid at all. I enjoyed that a lot and then they stopped the Jeep. I got down slowly , they caught me and I went to my parents. I was so happy. I wanted to do that again but that was enough for a day. That experience was the most amazing experience for me and in future I would really like to do a lot more adventure sports.

So guys this is my amazing parasailing experience which I shared with you. Honestly in my opinion nobody should leave the chance of doing any adventurous Sports. A very few people get the chance to do these sports and seriously that was not scary. I enjoyed it a lot. This is really a great experience for me.
If you have done such amazing sports or adventurous things in your life then please share your experience with us through comments. We would really like to know about your experience
Thank you
Author: Vibhuti sharma

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