Horrifying experience : Unexpected + Unbelievable + Unforgettable

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We all had seen a lot of ghost videos which are really scary. A lot of people actually got afraid after watching them. While some of them wanted to meet those ghosts/ spirits. Well I am one of those persons. It’s my real story, don’t take it as a joke because I had tried it.
If you’re too very curious about listening ghost stories you can read about my experience….

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One day me and my friends were sitting ideal in the classroom as it was our free period. So, we thought of sharing our experiences about horror movies and started listing the names of movies we had seen and all of a sudden one of my friend told us about Ouija board, which is a kind of board game and its basically used for talking and calling the spirits.

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As I heard about that we can call and talk to the spirits which is possible through the Ouija board, I got very excited as I want to talk to spirits and call them as I really had keen interest. As soon as I reached home from my school I started searching about this game and watched many videos related to it and I decided to call the spirits and will talk to them and I started watching the rules of the game and one of the important rule is that it needs complete focus and no distraction is allowed otherwise the spirits don’t come. So as I watched so many videos I decided to discuss it with my friends and hence made my mind that I will try. The very next day as I went to the school I shared all that I watched in the videos with one of my friend and she was like “Really!” We should try this and I agreed.So, I asked my friends that they are interested in playing this game and 6 of them were interested. So we plan to play this game. Then we planned to buy Ouija board and started seeing it online so that we can buy one of them, as we were searching we got to know it was very expensive and we all became sad because we can’t afford to buy it. So, then we decided that we will make Ouija board and I started searching for videos “How to make Ouija board with a paper” on YouTube. We got lot of results, so the next day we made an Ouija board with a paper and started the game by placing the coin on it. We all concentrated on that coin but nothing happened. We tried it for 4 times but nothing happened. We thought all this is fake. But the videos we watched on YouTube doesn’t seems like they were fake. Then we thought of 3 reasons that why it is not working. First we used a page with lines, second we tried it in a bright room, and third there is a lack of concentration. As it was not working, we stopped trying. After doing so many trials we failed to call those spirits, I felt disappointed at that very moment as I was so much excited to communicate with those spirits.

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One evening, as I was completing my homework my best friend called me up and said lets meet, so I told her to come to my home. I was very curious to tell her about Ouija board. As she reached my home, we both sat down and I made coffee for her and we started gossiping. As we were gossiping I told my friend about Ouija board and how we made the board with the paper and tried to call the spirits so that we can talk to them but at the very sad note we fail to do so, and I became very disappointed. So then my friend replied to me that she had already tried this game and she was successful in calling those spirits. And I was like “Really this happened?” So she replied yes it happened and then I told her let me know the whole procedure of making Ouija board properly so that we can’t fail again in doing so. The my friend told me the whole procedure properly and I wrote it on my notebook so that I could not forget any step and will be able to talk to those spirits. Now I was well prepared and made the board properly, and strictly told my friends to follow the instructions of the game. As everything was ready we began the game then we all placed our fingers on the coin and repeated this mantra with full concentration many a times which was “All the holy spirits by passing through please come to this coin and go to yes” and suddenly we noticed that the coin started moving little towards yes and we got little scared after noticing it and began to stare each other. Then one of my ask to it that it was an holy spirit or an evil spirit and the coin move towards to the holy. I was really surprised and it was unbelievable for me. The coin actually moved and we asked many questions about our past to which it replied correctly and atlast we told it leave and said good bye. But it was not moving and the coin was moving little towards the Goodbye and returning to the same point and it repeated this thing thrice, we all got horrified as it was not leaving then we all pleased it to go and atlast it left and the coin finally move towards the Goodbye. As it went then we thanked God and felt relaxed but this act was really terrified for all of us because it was not leaving and was returning back again and again.

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So guys, this was my unbelievable and horrifying experience and also its an unforgettable moment of my life where I can’t imagine of calling and talking to those spirits. I don’t know if you believe in ghosts or not. But all this is true. I actually experienced all this and seriously it is so terrifying. Please don’t take it lightly. Don’t make fun of this game. Positive and negative everything exists. If there is positivity then there is also negativity.

Author: Vibhuti Sharma

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OMG! It’s scary…but i want to try it too….