How to make coffee ice-cream… :)

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another coffee recipe of mine i.e. coffee ice-cream. We all love having ice-cream. Everyone whether they are children, parents, grandparents etc. likes to have ice-cream and we also like to have coffee. But have you ever wondered about the combination of coffee and ice-cream. Well in this blog I’ll tell you the easiest way to make coffee ice-cream at home.

So let’s get started……

The ingredients you need are:-

1. Cream

cream 300x200 - How to make coffee ice-cream... :)

2. Condensed milk

condensed milk 300x208 - How to make coffee ice-cream... :)

3. Chocolate syrup

syrup 300x203 - How to make coffee ice-cream... :)

4. Coffee

coffee powder 300x200 - How to make coffee ice-cream... :)

5. Choco chips (optional)

choco chips - How to make coffee ice-cream... :)

First you have to add cream in a bowl. Then whisk it with a hand blender for about 4-7 minutes until it gets fluffy and smooth. Now add condensed milk in it. If you are adding 1 cup of cream then add 1/3 cup of condensed milk. You can add more condensed milk if you have a sweet tooth. Now add 3 big spoons of chocolate syrup. Add one and a half spoon of coffee powder to get a perfect coffee flavor. Don’t add too much coffee powder or it will make the ice cream taste bitter. Now blend all the mixture again. After all the blending add choco chips in it. Choco chips are optional.

Add your mixture in an air tight container. Freeze it for 10-12 hours. After all this check your ice-cream. Serve it in an ice-cream bowl and enjoy your coffee ice-cream.

So guys, this is my recipe for coffee ice-cream. It tastes wonderful. You all will love it. In fact all the coffee lovers or ice-cream lovers will going to enjoy it. I too love this new flavor of ice-cream. It is too simple to make and delicious. Share your experience with us and follow our blog for more things or recipes.

Author: Vibhuti Sharma

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