How to make Oreo coffee!!!

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For all coffee and Oreo lovers out there we might have the perfect combo for you.
Are you ready for this? As we know Oreo keeps adding new flavors and serve as the best medium in summers.
Summers are the hottest seasons when people like to prefer drink more less than eat.
Friends I want to share one of my personal experience with you all.
I am a school going student as I return from my school I used to be very hungry but don’t feel like to eat food. So, as one day I thought of trying something new as I heard about Oreo coffee and I tried of making it on my own. It was my very first day when I went into the kitchen and made it. I collected all the ingredients and was quite nervous about will I be able to make it, or it will be tasty or not. So, the procedure to prepare t was very easy and time consuming . So, you can also try this simple method if you all are coffee lovers .So here’s my short recipe for you all i.e,how to make quick n delicious Oreo coffee in very short time:

The items required are as follows:-
1. Milk
IMG 20170924 WA0000 300x210 - How to make Oreo coffee!!!
2. Coffee

IMG 20170924 WA0003 300x237 - How to make Oreo coffee!!!
3. Ice-cubes

IMG 20170924 WA0004 300x171 - How to make Oreo coffee!!!

4. Oreo biscuit

IMG 20170924 WA0001 300x300 - How to make Oreo coffee!!!
5. Creamer

how to make cashew milk coffee creamer2 700x980 214x300 - How to make Oreo coffee!!!

6. Sugar (optional)

lako.gif12 300x196 - How to make Oreo coffee!!!

The first step is to add 1 cup of milk to the blender. Then add coffee powder in it. You can take coffee powder in a cup and add a little cream to it. Then mix it well with a help of a spoon. Add this thick paste in your milk. Then add ice cubes in it to make it chilled.

Take Oreo biscuit. Crush it in a bowl, you can use your hands to crush it properly. You can also use a rolling pin. Now add the crushed Oreo biscuits in your blender.
You can add sugar or creamer in the blender. Sugar and creamer is optional. Oreo makes the coffee sweet so there is no need to add sugar, but it is your choice.

Now blend the coffee. Blend it for 3 to 5 minutes and when you will open the blender you will see a thick cake like layer or chocolaty foam on the surface (which is really delicious).

Take your glasses and add the coffee in it. Add the thick chocolaty layer or foam at the top. You can add some choco chips in it. And your delicious chocolaty drink is ready.

IMG 20170924 WA0002 200x300 - How to make Oreo coffee!!!

So guys this is the perfect appetiser for you to enjoy your summer which is really chocolaty and tasty. It is really easy to make. It takes only 10 minutes to make this Oreo coffee. Enjoy it with your friends…It was my amazing experience as I got nice comments from my family members who liked the coffee that was made by me for the very first time…
Friends you can also try my recipe and surely give your reviews….Hope u will love making ….!!!


Author: Vibhuti Sharma

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So delicious 😋 😋 😍 i love it… The chocolaty foam on the top is amazing…. I looovvvveeeeeeeeeee this recipe…mind blowing… Please make more tasty recipes like this


Love it love it love it ♥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤best recipe ever


That was amazing and really easy to make…