How to make tomato pasta…

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Hey guys! Everyone likes eating pasta but it is not so easy to make a perfect delicious pasta. There are different types of pasta recipes but the recipe that I am going to tell you is seriously very easy to make and delicious. The ingredients are very easy to get and the pasta will be delicious.
So let’s make our pasta with an Indian touch….
Ingredients: –
Onion, tomato, French beans, cheese, cabbage (veggies are optional, you can only use tomato and onion), tomato sauce, mayonnaise, chili flakes, garam masala, turmeric powder, kastoori mirch powder, salt, pasta.

1. Add pasta in a pan. Add water according to your pasta’s quantity and start boiling it.

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2. Cut all the veggies, onion and tomato.

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3. Add oil in a big pan and turn on the flame. Heat the oil. Now add onion in it. Cook it until it gets golden brown.

4.  In a small bowl add 2 spoon of mayonnaise and tomato ketchup. Mix it well and leave it aside. (Add more according your pasta’s quantity).

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5. When your onion is cooking add all the veggies in it.

6. Now add tomato and mix it well.

7. Now add turmeric powder, kastoori mirch powder, garam masala and chili flakes in it.

8. Add salt to your taste.

9. Check your pasta if it gets boiled. Drain all the excess water.

10. Now add your mayonnaise and tomato sauce mixture in big pan and mix it well.

11. Now add your boiled pasta in the big pan and mix it properly with your mixture.

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12. Your pasta is ready now.

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Serve it and enjoy it…..

So guys this my pasta recipe with Indian touch. It seriously tastes good. Try it and share your feedbacks with us. If you like this recipe then please share this recipe.

Author: Vibhuti Sharma

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It’s delicious… I love it even all my friends like it too…now they all think that i am a good cook but the magic is in your recipe… Thank you for this amazing and simple recipe idea…