Wake-Up for Make-Up …!

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Hey everyone !  in this blog I will tell you about some useful makeup tips that will really going to help you. Makeup is not an easy job to do. Makeup is really an art that transforms an individuals completely. Makeup makes you look good and it makes you feel good. But usually people don’t know about makeup tricks and tips. So I will give you really good tips  that will definitely going to prove  beneficial for you…
 ‎so let’s get started…….
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Foundation and concealers :-
Choose the perfect shade of foundation that matches your skin. You can use sponge, hands and brush to apply your foundation. But i recommend you to use brush. Before applying the foundation on to your skin, apply primer and let it dry.  After that you can apply your foundation. Primer gives you a fresh and even look. There are different types of concealers in the market like the pencil, liquid etc. You can use anyone but a liquid one is better. A pencil concealer is good for enhancing your eyebrows beauty.
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Brushes :-
 There are two types of brushes natural brushes and synthetic brushes. Natural brushes are usually used for powders like eyeshadow or blusher whereas synthetic brushes are used for liquids (foundations,  concealers, cream etc.). You should use brushes for applying foundation instead of sponge or hand because it spreads it evenly.
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Eyeshadow :-
Always start to apply your eyeshadow from the inner side of your eyelids. Start with a thinner brush. After that you can use a puffy brush to blend it. Puffy brush is best for blending your eyeshadow. If you want two colours then you should always put darker colour on the outerside and lighter in the inner. Always use a lighter shade in the beginning don’t directly start from the darker shade.
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Eye lashes :-
You can make your eye lashes look bigger by this simple method, you don’t need to apply any fake eye lashes just follow these steps. First use an eye curler. Use it carefully, maintain a proper distance from your eye curler to your eye. Hold it for 10 seconds. Now use your favourite mascara. If you want your eye lashes to look a little separated then use tweezers to separate them. It will make them look good. So now your eyes lashes are ready. If you want to grow your eye lashes naturally then you can use castor oil or coconut oil or Vaseline. Just brush your eyelashes with the coconut oil by using your old mascara brush. Keep it overnight and rinse it in the morning.
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Lipstick :-
 You should use a lipstick which have natural shade for a daily look and if you have a party then you can go with a matte lipstick because it gives a really bold and sophisticated look.  Matte lipstick also gives you an advantage as it does not get removed easily and it does not stick to your teeth. Whereas if you want your lips to look a little pouty then you should use liquid lipstick. You can even use a lip liner as a lipstick as it lasts long than normal lipstick. Apply a lip balm before applying your lipstick. To take care of your lips you should use a good natural lip balm every night or you can use ghee as it is really good for our lips.
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Makeup gives you a beautiful look but you should not use a lot of makeup. You should use light makeup. Try to look natural because beauty lies in simplicity a normal light makeup look enhances your beauty. Sometimes a lot of heavy makeup can make you look like a clown. So it’s on you and your techniques how you make yourself look and what you choose. Doing makeup is really not easy. So I hope these tips will help you.
Share your ideas or thoughts with us about makeup. Also share new hacks and tips with us.
Thank you.
Author : Vibhuti Sharma 

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