Teaching Strategies:- The best tool for Making Teaching Effective !!!

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Do you ever wonder whether your students care about your course material? Do you question whether your students appreciate how the information address in class is relevant to them? Do you feel like there is often a mismatch between your intentions for your class and what your students actually want to learn? Do you ever think about the teaching strategies you are applying in classrooms are working or not and making your students understand your information which you are imposing in your classroom?

As a Professional Teacher you should first think about all these questions and students are more likely to pay attention and be exited about your course when they view that curriculum planned is child-centred which means relevant for their understanding and connected to their interests.

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Teachers can instead maximize student interest and excitement by using teaching strategies that purposefully heighten students engagement in the classroom.

As we know “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see”

The biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the student attention and putting across the strategies in such a way that it stays with them long after even when they left the classroom.

Guys, its my personal experience which I faced during my B.ed session where I attended one month internship in a govt. school which was alloted to every student of our session. The internship time seems to be the most important part of my life for which I was waiting curiously because I wanted to learn and experience all those classroom activities ongoing in the school. And wanted to improve my flaws in my teaching with the help of experience teachers,as to become a good teacher was my passion. As days passed I was getting little disappointed by seeing the teaching procedure going in the classroom. Also I noticed that the teachers are just doing formalities in children’s learning process, which was not only affecting their studies plus also destroying their upcoming future. The absence of teaching strategies in the classroom makes the classroom environment boredom and lack of interest seen in student. I saw some of the students talking, some were completing their homework and some of them were feeling sleepy, and teacher was not at all worried about the students response in the classroom. As I was so much excited for this time all my excitement was gone and I felt deeply sad about knowing that there is zero involvement of teachers in the teaching process and lack of teaching strategies in the classroom and no concern was shown towards the students and despite the result of the students performance was zero, which was affect their upcoming career. And at this very fine time I thought of writing a blog for improving the teaching strategies which should be involved in the teaching process as teaching strategies would serve as an engine for the bright future of the students. So here are my teaching strategies which I want teachers to involve while teaching, so that students could help and they’ll be to understand more quickly. Kindly follow these strategies and help students for their all round development :

click here 1. Use of creative tools : Creative tools help to stimulate creativity. Creative tools may involve blackboard teaching, where teacher can prepare their lesson plans and show it creatively on the blackboard so that students should grasp the following topic more easily and always follow the rule “known to unknown” as it helps the students to learn more easily and quickly. Use of examples are necessary so that students could also respond and their mental abilities increase, where they participate in the teaching process equally so teacher teaches. Always remember teaching process includes:

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Teacher can also use models, charts for making teaching process more effective which help in the all round development of the students.

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IMG 20171001 015704 300x196 - Teaching Strategies:- The best tool for Making Teaching Effective !!!

how to buy Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2011 2. Use of audio and Visual tools : Mind maps can help students to use a control idea and expand creativity on it and will help their imagination thrive and grow. These strategies will not only develop their ability to listen, but will also help them to understand the concept better. For example:- You can get some oral history material conduct live online discussions or playback recordings of public lectures, Classroom should have digital mediums like projectors which makes the teaching strategy more easy for both the students and teachers.

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Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D 2014 discount 3. Real-world learning : Link your lessons to real world. Relating and demonstrating through real life situation make the material easy to understand and easy to learn. And it make the teaching process more fresh and enriched. It will spark the student’s interest and they get excited and more involved in the teaching learning process.

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http://berkeleysquareit.com/?p=OEM-Autodesk-Algor-Simulation-Professional-2011 4. Role Play : Teaching through role play is a great way to make children step out of their comfort zone and develop their interpersonal skills. Being able to think how another person would think or react is great way to get the mind working and being creative. It basically helps in the cognitive development of the students.

IMG 20171001 015527 300x218 - Teaching Strategies:- The best tool for Making Teaching Effective !!!IMG 20171001 030533 300x169 - Teaching Strategies:- The best tool for Making Teaching Effective !!!

http://ehabitat.co/?en=Cheap-Price-Adobe-Acrobat-X-Suite 5. Use Technology : Technology is an amazing tool for boosting creativity. It can be used to find ideas, brainstorm and create final products.

  • enter site Brainstorming : Make time for brainstorming sessions into your classrooms. These sessions are great way to get the creative juices flowing. When you have multiple brains focusing on one single idea, you are serve to get numerous ideas and always remember to involve each and every student in the classroom activities so that they don’t think that you are reaching partial. Always be open to students as then only students respond in a positive manner otherwise being partial makes them disappointed and they started getting isolated from the classroom activities.

    follow url Reward is one of the most important medium which helps in the reinforcement of the students. http://benetaschen.com/?p=OEM-Adobe-Creative-Suite-6-Master-Collection-Student-And-Teacher-Edition Reinforcement means to motivate students and i.e possible when you inspire students for their work.

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6. Teamwork : As everyone knows teamwork is that process where one shares what they know and learn from others in classroom the teacher should divide the students into groups and hence give them topic so that the students will sit together and share their ideas and thoughts about the topic and hence therefore this strategy would help them to remove their hesitation or fear of stepping out. This strategy help them to think about spending some quality time with their classmates, hence which helps to know about them.

As,” Together Everyone Achieves More”.

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7. Get Parents involved : Equal involvement of parents is equally necessary in this process, the teachers should kindly inform the parents about their child’s performance. And getting them involved in projects given to students and should encourage their children to actively participate in it.

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These are some of the strategies that I think should be involved in the classroom learning process which could help in the all round development of the child which later help her/him for her/his bright future.

As “Teaching is work of heart and Teacher is a role model of students who can change everything”.

Author: Charu Arora

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