Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

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Wonder which is the best place in the world? Where you can go anytime and it makes you feel like you are in heaven. The only place where you feel relaxed. The only place where you feel safe, where you can do anything, where you can be yourself. Well home is that place. Home is the place made with love. You travel around the world but at the end you come to home. But sometimes this home just loses its soul. We don’t care of it. Then we think of its renovation, But many a times makes wrong decision. So guys, in this article I gonna discuss the tips you should do while designing your home:-


Garden: – Everyone wishes to have a beautiful garden, as it’s the heart of your home. You can plant roses, jasmine, or anything you like in your garden. You can also have benches or tables there. But if you don’t have a big property for a garden then you can use hanging flower pots or grass mat which you can place in your balcony.

 garden 1 237x300 - Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

Kitchen: – Kitchen is the most important component of our home. Women’s who love cooking spend most of their time there. So, your kitchen should look fantastic. You should use contrasting light colors or you can do wooden work like wooden cabinets, shelves etc. modern kitchen will also look good.

 kitchen 2 300x300 - Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

Dining area: – The place where you chat with your family, where you talk about your day is dining area. You should make your dining area according to your kitchen. Wooden table will be good for it, as it gives an antique look…

 dining 300x285 - Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

Bedroom: – The place where you feel relaxed, which removes all your tiredness is bedroom. You should use light, soothing colors for your bedroom. You can have a texture or any design/ sticker in the main wall. And for your guest room choose sweet contrasting colors. Have a good king size bed and a comfy sofa.

bedroom. 200x300 - Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

Bathroom: – You should have light tiles for bathroom like cream, blue, white etc. You can have a big bathtub or a Jacuzzi so that you can enjoy after a long tired day. You can have some stone show pieces near the mirror or you can make your bathroom natural by using natural things.

nathroom 225x300 - Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

Curtains: – You should have curtains that match with your room color. You can have floral designs, normal plain colors, colorful curtains or curtains with texture. Use curtains that contrast with the wall paint.

 curtains 200x300 - Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

Flooring: – if you have a traditional room/ kitchen then go with wooden flooring. But if your rooms are modern then go with tiles. Choose modern tile shades with different textures/ designs. Choose a simple one for modernity.

 flooring. 200x300 - Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

Living room: – Have a colorful living room. You can have a nice colorful sofas and a big flat screen T.V, nice colorful chairs, ottomans, lamps, stools, carpet etc. You should have a glass center table.

 living room 300x250 - Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

Frames, wall arts: –Good pictures or frames enhance the beauty of the room. Wall arts can be designed using creative techniques. You can make a clock with your pictures.

wall art 240x300 - Tips for “Home Designing” : An important decision!!!

So friends, these are some of the best tips which can help you to design your home according to your own wishes and will definitely gives it the actual look which you want and makes your home look more earthly and amazing….

Author: Vibhuti Sharma

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No place is better than home…. Love your designing tips


The dining area is really the most important spot…… And i really like the pictures you used in your blog…these tips are really helpful…


Your ideas are the best❤