My Unforgettable Trip Experience….

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Hi friends! My name is Jennica Sharma. I am a 9 year old girl. I read in 5th class. Today I am going to share my Srilankan Trip experience with you. I am a school going student. On a fine morning I woke up and went to my granny’s room. She was looking very happy. I went to her and asked the reason why she was too happy. Then she replied to me that my bua (aunt) was planning a trip for Srilanka for my grandparents. And that time I was like “I too want to go”. I was very angry. How can my bua plan anything without telling me? I took the phone and called her. I asked her that why she planned anything without me? Well I was her buddy after all. Then she replied to me in her calm voice that if I really wanna go she will let me. She told me that the tickets were not booked yet and she will book mine also. I was overjoyed. I asked her the date. Then I told my parents about it. My father was happy but my mother started to worry. My father and I assured her.

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Time flew by….!!! The date came nearer. Finally I left home. Me and my grandparents are off to Chandigarh where we will be taking our flight to Chennai. When we got in to our plane which was going to take us abroad, a little boy was sitting next to me. The boy was to irritating. We were about to land but the pilot announced that we cannot land right now due to the rainy weather. The boy next to me shouted “the plane is going to crash!” the plane took an hour to land. My bua was coming from Mumbai on a flight. When she arrived we booked a cab which took us to Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai. My bua is a captain in Indian army. We ate our dinner and went to the rooms allotted to us. My bua told us that we have to leave at 2:00 am.As, it was the high time for me as I was so very excited to reach my destination and the time sounds so slow and waiting at that particular time seems to be like hell, so at the meantime I was feeling very much bored as I don’t have any stuff to pass my time. Then I told my bua about it so she found a very good solution for me and took me the nearest book store as I am crazy for reading new books so we went there and I got my favorite book : Diary of wimpy Kid, which we purchased, I really got very happy and started reading it. As the time passed by, finally it was the boarding time of our flight which than landed to Colombo (The Capital of the Country).As we arrived at the airport there was a guide who took us to hotel, where we spent 4 hours. The view of the hotel was very beautiful as there was also a beach. The most awaited trip began.

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The first place we visited was Kumeshwaram temple and the story behind this temple was: When Lord Rama killed Ravana he was feeling that I am being followed by brahmhatya dosham. When he reached this temple on the flying chariot he felt he was free with the dosham. So he stopped at the temple.

After we visited the temple the guide took us to Dambula also known as Sigiria. We reached Dambula at night. As we were very tired we had a good dinner. The next morninig we had breakfast and left for trinkomalee. Trinkomalee is a coastal area. There was a temple where Ravana used to worship lord Shiva. Then we again went to Dambula. We had a tea and the guide took us to a bhuddist temple. The temple had a golden statue of Lord Bhuddha. The statue was 100 ft. high. Then we left for Kandy. You can also watch Kandian dance. This dance lasts for 1 hour. There is a temple where lord bhuddha’s tooth is kept. We can only see the tooth from 6:00-7:00 pm.Then we left for Nawara Eliya. It is also known as Mini England.Then we went Ashoka vatika where mother Sita was kept. We also see the place of Ravana. It is located at high cliff.

IMG 20171110 WA0000 225x300 - My Unforgettable Trip Experience....                             IMG 20171110 WA0001 300x225 - My Unforgettable Trip Experience....

This was my unplanned and unexpected trip which I enjoyed alot and had great time with my bua and grandparents….!!!!

Guys this is my srilankan experience which I shared with you. Sri Lanka is the place where you can find peace in nature. Sri Lanka’s natural beauty is its precious treasure. I also recommend you to go there with your family. You will too have a great time.

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Wow…such a great trip you had….i really liked your story…now i too want to go there


Hi Jenica,

It’s really nice to know that you enjoyed your unplanned trip. I also appreciate your zeal to read and write and want to congratulate you as well for this wonderful article.

I am eagerly waiting for the second edition of your travel diary as I want to know more about your Goa and Chennai trip as well.

Stay blessed kid… 🙂

Loads of love,


Helo jenica!
The unplanned trip which you mention, seems really unforgettable for you. Hope you encounter some more in upcoming future. But the particular thing/fact which amaze,is your story telling. It shows maturity of thinking/living the moments beyond once age…and many more
God bless you

Hi Jenni, After going through your nice post, I really wondered and was taken aback for a girl of mere 9 years old, studying in 5th std. has a matured heart & brain, to pen down her visit diary so nicely. WELDONE/ KUDO/WHAT ELSE ARE THE WORDS TO PRAISE THE HIGHEST POSITION. My little Engel, it is nice, you started exploring GLOBE, but my experience teaches me to start with home, for which one proverb is famous, EAST OR WEST HOME IS BEST. I am talking about our HOME LAND that is BHARAT. Our home land is very beautiful to… Read more »