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If you want to write an article for this blog, keep the following guidelines in mind :-

1. The blog posts must contain at least 500-1500 words. The article must be well-designed. Use of proper headings and paragraphs.

2. The articles must contain relevant data and images.

3. The article may include some of these topics which are as follows :-
-Motivational stories,
-Social media,
-Fashion trends, trend alerts, celebrity fashion steals, and Fashion Races,
-Inspiring stories,
-Beauty, hair, makeup, nail polish, and beauty products,
-And we’re open to other ideas as well.

4. The article must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print on any newsletter. Your personal experience on the topic is what makes your blog post interesting to a reader.

5. The article should be in a simple language, easy for readers to understand.

6. We do not permit stories to be posted on MORE that contain profanity or explicitly inflammatory content.

7. We have an entire team of editors ready to help in blog, we’ll work with you to make your article clear, consistent and web friendly.

So,if you want to write a blog for us, please contact on whateveryoneneed@gmail.com.

Happy Writing!!!